Company Profile

Decades of Experience Building Winnipeg

The Lount family has been responsible for building thousands of residential housing units in Canada and the United States over the last 65 years, many of them in Winnipeg.

During that time, the Lounts and their companies have earned a reputation for quality. To this day, many homes, constructed some 50 years ago, are still proudly promoted as “Lount Built.”

Family Tradition of Quality and Innovation

In the 1940s, Charles Lount, a civil engineer, and his son Graham, an architect, began building single family homes under the name of C.T. Lount Construction Co. Ltd.

The architecture was “organic” in the spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright and very innovative, using the latest building systems. Many of these early homes were heated by a radiant concrete floor plate, a system 50 years ahead of its time.

In the 1960s and 70s Graham Lount took the company to another level, building a number of signature multi-family apartments in Winnipeg, again focusing on innovative construction and mechanical systems. Kiltarton Towers, built in 1968, was cooled by a geothermal system that is still in use today, cooling 200 suites in the most natural and eco-friendly manner. In 1970, Graham built 55 Nassau, a 38 story high rise in the Roslyn Road district, which was the tallest apartment building in western Canada at the time. Graham truly exemplifies the courage and leadership that sets Lount Corporation apart as a fine builder of multi-family real estate.

The Company Today

Graham’s son Colin, also an architect, has worked with Lount Corporation for the last 30 years. He is currently the CEO. His son Ben is the Executive Vice President and is the fourth generation of this family of builders. Together they have renewed their dedication to creating multi-family residential buildings of enduring distinction.

The company still believes that there is no replacement for using the best, latest, and most innovative construction techniques.